Trail Run Update – 08/17/17 – Tonight’s Race Is On!

After inspecting the trails earlier this morning, we believe we should be able to run this afternoon’s race without harm coming to the trails. There were some spots containing standing water on the the trail, but we’re hoping the rest of a day’s worth of sun and heat should dry many of them up.

There is no additional forecast for rain. So, we’re going to roll with the schedule as it stands.

We may need to make some changes to the race course depending on what we find while marking the course, but you will be made aware of any alterations before we begin.

One request to all runners: If we do encounter standing water, we ask you to run right through it. Please do not run off the trails to try to keep your shoes dry. Expanding trails beyond their designed borders can cause excessive erosion for areas all around the trail. If it was only one runner, it would be one thing. With 250 people hitting the trails tonight, it’s a completely different story. Just run right through the water. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing everyone tonight.

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