Sunday’s Race Canceled. Dirt Crits Officially Too Big.

Just got the news from Ralph and Randy (our friendly neighborhood park ranger at Castlewood), Alpine Shop’s Short Track Dirt Crit Series has reached such a high level of popularity that we can’t have a weekend event. After last night’s crowd reached into the 500s, the park is afraid of what would happen with that kind of turnout during a weekend at one of the city’s most popular parks.

So, Sunday’s Blowout XC race is officially canceled. We still plan on having the Post-Series Party at 3 pm at Lone Wolf Coffee Company (link below) with awards presentations, live music, food, beverage, dance if you can. Tents and swag will fill the parking lot, more vendors, more festival…just no racing…sorry bout that. Bring a number and get in the party. Guests? Well, we will work that out. Bring a couple bucks for the guests.

Park on the north side of Clayton Road. This is going to be a blow out. Do not park near the neighborhood or on the street.

Get the location by clicking here!

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