Short Track Dirt Crits Almost Here – Trail Runs Coming Soon!

Alpine Shop Short Track Dirt Crit Series

Mountain bike racing returns to the St. Louis summer with Alpine Shop’s Short Track Dirt Crit Races set to begin Thursday, June 30 at 6 pm. Where else in St. Louis can you find everything from top-level racing to beginners on tandems all competing for simply the love of competing? Follow that up with food, drink (from series sponsor The Wolf Public House) and tons of prizes and you have a great recipe for a night of fun at Castlewood State Park. While we obviously didn’t want to change much for 2011, we have made a few adjustments that we hope you’ll really like:

Online registration:

Unlike years past when we did registration and check-in before the races, this year, advance registration is available on-line here. You will still need to check-in when you arrive and sign a few things; but we should not have the colossal traffic jam at the tent like we’ve had in past years. Please bring your receipt and your waiver (if you printed one) with you when you come to the races Please note, some registration spots may still be available the night of the race; but we can not guarantee ANY availability. The only way you are guaranteed a spot in the races is if you register on-line.

Chip timing:

Big River Running, one of the Off-Road Racing League Title sponsors and the official timers for the 2010 Trail Run Series, will also be doing chip timing for the Short Track Dirt Crits as well in 2011. This means we hopefully will have official results for you in a fraction of the time it has taken us in the past and even give you an idea of just how fast you really were going during the races with average lap times.

To make this system possible, you will receive a number plate at your first race in the series (cost: $10). Protect this number plate! You will use it during each race you compete in. It is also the key to keeping our point system up-to-date throughout the month. If you lose your number plate during the series, you will need to purchase a new one for $10.

Limited Entries:

Related to on-line registrations, we have made the decision to limit total entries in each category to 50 total timed racers. (A race= 50 racers, B race = 50 racers, etc.) We did not make this move without a lot of thought and deliberation. In 2010, we reached a tipping point in our ability to run the races while simultaneously taking care of the natural spaces and state-mandated operating hours at Castlewood State Park. In order to maintain the great working relationship we have with Castlewood, we decided to put the 50 racer cap in place for this year. While we understand that some people may be disappointed that they are unable to race, we also have an obligation to put on the best event that we can while staying within the rules.

There will be one exception to this: in the past we have allowed racers from higher divisions to also participate in the lower division races for certain reasons (e.g. riding a tandem in the C race, parents riding with kids, etc.). This will still be permitted in 2011, however, you will only be timed for the upper division race. Your number plate is only valid for the race you have registered for. If you participate in another race, you will not show up in the standings.

We hope to see everyone at Castlewood State park starting Thursday, June 30 (and following each and every Thursday through July) for the Alpine Shop Short Track Dirt Crit Races beginning at 6 pm.

Trail Runs Begin August 4

And once the Alpine Shop Short Track Dirt Crit Series ends on July 28, we invite you to take your multi-sport training to the next level with the Trail Run portion of the Off-Road Racing series. Different trails and different distances each Thursday during August combined with the same party atmosphere as the Short Track races provide a perfect way to continue on the Thursday night summer tradition here in St. Louis.

Same location in Castlewood State Park. Same time. Only, this time, leave the bike at home and just bring your trail-running shoes.

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