RESULTS 12-5-2015 | Alpine Shop Castlewood 8-Hr Adventure Race


Teams paddling on the Meramec River to start the 2015 Castlewood 8-Hr Adventure Race. Photo by Dan Singer.

EUREKA, MO — 70 teams took off to the sound of cowbells for the 2015 Alpine Shop Castlewood 8-Hr Adventure Race. The teams were treated to a surprise starting location at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Pacific Palisades Boat Ramp in Eureka. Teams completed a 1.5-mile orienteering course on foot before grabbing a canoe and launching into the Meramec River for a 7.5-mile paddle downstream. Teams paddled past some beautiful bluffs until they reached the Missouri Department of Conservation Allenton Access Boat Ramp, where they had staged their bikes before the race began. They hopped on mountain bikes for an 8-mile road ride through Eureka (crossing underneath Interstate 44 at Fox Creek) and a 3-mile trail ride through Greensfelder County Park. The trails in Greensfelder connected onto Wyman Center property, and teams descended into the camp to learn about the final leg of the race: a 4-mile orienteering section on foot. All but 1 team attempted this final section of the course, with 51 teams visiting every checkpoint to “clear the course”. A total of 206 racers participated in the 2015 event, which was supported by over 30 Alpine Shop staffers and volunteers. The Eureka Police Department, Extreme Electrical Contractors, Optimal Performance Center, and the Holiday Inn at Six Flags also supported the event. Racers earned prizes from The North Face,  Huga Bar, I Am Energy, and other Alpine Shop brand partners.









Start/TA 1 by Travis Irvin

Start/TA 1 by Kyle Knudten

CP1 and Paddling by Bobby French

Gravel Bar chimney log by Chuck Vohsen

Paddling in front of Meramec River Bluffs by Lori Vohsen

Paddle Take-Out (CP11) and TA 2 by Travis Irvin

Paddle Take-Out (CP11) and TA 2 by Julie Spohn-Stevens

Paddle Take-Out (CP11) and TA 2 by Kris Clawson

Biking (near CP18) and Trekking (near CP32) by Bobby French

Wyman Center (CP22/TA 3) and Finish Line (CP34) by Travis Irvin

Wyman Center (CP22/TA 3 and Finish Line (CP34) by Juli Spohn-Stevens

CP13 by Kyle Knudten

Start, CP16, CP25 by Dan Singer

Team BOR’s album



Drone videos by Matt Boschert

Strava fly-by of teams carrying (sealed) GPS devices

Stop-motion of CP7/TA1 (paddle put-in) by Patrick Travers



SuperKate (Type II Fun)

Bill Langton (Blue Tails)

Robin Miskounis (Team Adventure Crewe)

Amy Crews (Team BOR)

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Clue Sheet

Map 1 (Course Overview USGS map printed by MyTopo) (we had to significantly reduce resolution to upload this, sorry for low image quality)

Map 2 (Trek 1, Department of Conservation map of Pacific Palisades)

Map 3 (Paddle 1, aerial photo)

Map 4 (Bike 1 detail, aerial photo)

Map 5 (Trek 2 Greenfelder Orienteering Map)

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