Race Will Go On… For Now

With storms in the forecast for much of the St. Louis area today and tonight, many of you are wondering about tonight’s session of the Alpine Shop Short Track Dirt Crit Series. At this time, the races are still on, says race director Ralph Pfremmer.

Posting on his blog, “The Ralph Account,” Pfremmer describes the process as follows:

The rule is this. First, Castlewood is a flood plane, kay? It tends to recover from the multitude of floods each year. Also, the winter and spring bring out those riders so motivated to cross the line on a daily basis, putting ruts in the trails and then freezing over. This is not that. This is a little moisture that will, unless torrential, make the surface tacky. The silt is the dust that you see. There will be no rutting. I am worried about the grassy areas, that which will leave an imprint on the park for several days if there is significant rain. I am not wanting to do that. So we will likely shorten the staging area today.
We will also visit with the Ranger in order to determine the conditions. This will take place a couple times during the day, and towards race time. If it appears that damaging conditions exist, it will be a no go. Let’s not forget a couple times last year when we got caught in the middle. Yes, it was messy for the bikes and kits. No, it did not do significant damage to the park. (however, my group went back the next day and seeded and put hay down to fix the field).

So it is game on for now. Stay tuned. Will post periodically.

We’ll pass along any new information as it comes up during the day.

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