Race Cancellation/Credit Update

We apologize for the amount of time it has taken us to update the information regarding race credits or refunds. We have been actively trying to reschedule the race, unfortunately, that option simply doesn’t look like it will work.  and that’s exactly what we we’re going to do now!

We want to make sure we are as fair as possible to everyone involved in the races – whether that is the racers, the staff involved in putting the events on, and those of us involved with trying to develop this series into something special for everyone.

Please bear with us as we work out our exact policy for a race cancellation. We do not take lightly how important each and every participant is to our series of races. We want to make sure everyone is satisfied with our decision – while also making sure we do not financially kill the series as a whole. Please also remember, while the races may have been cancelled we still served food and drink, and because of the timing when the storm hit, we had already set everything up for the evening. The only thing left to do was actually run the races.

We will have a final decision posted here at Offroadracingleague.com before this evening’s races. If you have questions or concerns related to that decision, you are welcome to post comments here at that time. We will try to handle each and every issue like it is the most important issue our series faces – because they are. The Off-Road Racing League and the Short Track Dirt Crit Series exist because of you and your participation. We will do everything we can to make sure each and every one of you are part of this series for a long time.

Thanks for your understanding,

Off-Road Racing League Staff

One Response to Race Cancellation/Credit Update
  1. Joe Burke Sr.
    July 18, 2011 | 9:14 pm

    Keep my money if you can’t reschedule. Thanks for your efforts.

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