May 22 Course Announced: The People Have Spoken!

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After 24 hours of voting, the final tallies are in from Facebook and from, and the Hills have it.

The May 22 course features more of the trails north of Kiefer Creek Road than we’ve ever included before in a single race. The course will follow the same way we started week 1, up Justin’s Trail on the west side of the park (bypassing Cardiac Hill) and meeting up with Grotpeter. Once we cross Ries Road we’ll stay to the right and join the Mountain Ridge Connector for the first time this series. At the bottom of the descent, instead of staying to the right and meeting back up with Kiefer Creek Road, we’ll head to the left up the Midway/Office Connector (we came down this stretch in week 2) back up to Grotpeter. The final stretch will come down Fern Glen Connector (the way week 1 finished!) back to the Start/Finish line.

This should be a fast and fun course that will feature the longest distance of the spring series at about 4.3 miles.

Registration is still available for this race here (make sure you select the May 22 race!).

Choice A! Comment with "Hills" below to vote for this course.

The 4.3 mile course will highlight much of the trails North of Kiefer Creek Road at Castlewood State Park.

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