First Course Announced for 2013 Trail Run Series

With the threat of rain in the forecast, the first trail run course of 2013 will mark a departure from years past. Instead of the bottoms around Kiefer Creek, the course will head up into the hills via the Fern Glen Connector for an approximately 3.1 mile course to start the year.

We will start, as usual, near the horse trailer turn around just before the bridge over Kiefer Creek. The course will head through the meadow towards the Park office before making close to an 180 degree turn and heading back down the trail to the bridge. We’ll meet up with the Fern Glen Connector and work our way uphill to the Gropeter Trail. We’ll follow Grotpeter across Ries Rd. (Be careful at the road crossing!!) And follow Justin’s Trail – not Cardiac Hill – back down to find Kiefer Creek Road again. The course crosses the road and joins back up with the trail and heads back to the Start/Finish line to complete your run.

The entire map is below, courtesy of GORC.

You’ll find links to all the results here as well as at Big River

If inclement weather does hit us tomorrow, we will make every attempt to run the race as scheduled – rain or shine. Further information will be posted on this site, as well as on Alpine Shop’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


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