Course Three Announced for the 8/22 Edition of the Trail Run Series

Are you ready for another fantastic Thursday night of trail running? Alpine Shop’s 2013 Trail Run Series hits week number three with a modified combination of the first two weeks’ courses. Runners will also get their first taste of the Mountain Ridge Connector – the only major trail on the north side of the park we haven’t experienced yet.

The approximately 4.7 mile course features two climbs, just last last week. The only difference is this week we’ll be tackling the course in the reverse order from last week. Runners will head out from the start/finish meadow the same way we have throughout the first two races but then continue West on to the Grotpeter Trail. We’ll avoid Cardiac Hill and take Justin’s Trail up the climb and then follow the gently rolling surface of Grotpeter along the bluff ridge line until we cross Ries Rd. We’ll follow the right fork and take the Mountain Ridge Connector for the first time back towards the Park Office.

In a twist of trail, we’ll actually follow the same stretch of trail we started on until we turn left to cross Kiefer Creek and then head up last week’s course in reverse. We’ll follow the bluffs this time all they way to the River Scene Trail (instead of down the steep gravel course we went up last week), across the bridge and back to the finish line.

Advance registration is open and is highly recommended. You’re time at the registration table will be reduced to less than a minute if you register on-line – compared to at least 5 minutes if you have to fill out all the paperwork – or more during our busiest times. We ended up holding up the start of the race last week to accommodate late arrivals / sign-ups.

You can find the entire map below, courtesy of GORC.

As usual, links to the final results will be posted right here at and hosted by Big River Running Company.

Any changes to the course or other race-related information will posted on this site and at Alpine Shop’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Race #3 of the 2013 Trail Run Series is approximately 4 miles and will feature a figure 8 loop around the park.

Race #3 of the 2013 Trail Run Series is approximately 4 miles and will feature a figure 8 loop around the park.

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