COURSE REVISION: 05/26/16 – Introducing Cardiac Hill

BALLWIN, MO. – For the first time in the history of the Marmot Trail Run Series, Grotpeter’s infamous Cardiac Hill will be a featured climb. Of course, the only reason that’s happening is this morning’s rains made it impossible for us to use the trails leading to Castlewood State Park’s Grand Staircase. We figure the trade is a pretty fair deal.

Please note, there are a few areas on the course that will have standing water on them. In nearly all cases, there is dry area on another section of the actual trail for you to use to get around these areas.. However, in a small number of places, the course will be covered in water. You will probably get wet, and possibly a little muddy. We urge you to go through the water instead of widening the trail. We have made every possible course relocation to avoid these areas and do not believe we will do any long lasting damage to the trail. Your help in making this happen is appreciated.

The approximately 3.9 mile course will also feature our first exploration of the cross country course (and new bridges) that parallel Kiefer Creek Road heading west from the Ranger Station. We’ll follow this grass trail until we reach the junction with Grotpeter right before our usual creek crossing location. Note, this junction is one of the areas that included standing water. Please be aware of your surroundings.

We’ll cross Kiefer Creek Road and almost immediately head up the intimidating Cardiac Hill. Please take your time and stay safe on this rocky section of trail. Slower walkers, please stay to the right as much as possible. We’ll meet up with Justin’s Trail and continue up Grotpeter all the way up to the Ries Road Crossing. Across the road, join up with Mountain Ridge, a stretch of trail we’re all too familiar with this May and cruise the 1.18 miles of single track down to the valley floor where we’ll hook up with this week’s Clif Bar Supplement and drink station.

Hold on, though. You’re not done yet. While you’ll be able to see Kiefer Creek Road and the path back to the finish line, you instead will make a left turn and head back up the hill on Midway/Office Connector to hook back up with Grotpeter, mirroring the course we took last week. We’ll head right at the junction, just like last week as well, until we hit Fern Glen. This time we’ll take Fern Glen back down to the valley. A short half mile later, (and another section of standing water) you’ll be crossing the finish line and enjoying a fresh cold Schlafly beverage.

Course 4 for the 2016 Marmot Trail Run Series at Castlewood State Park

Course 4 for the 2016 Marmot Trail Run Series at Castlewood State Park


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