COURSE REVEAL: Course #3 Is All About the Descent

ST. LOUIS – With two legs of the four-race FITS Sock Co. Trail Run Series in the books, course three beckons for those who love long descents. The approximately 4.1 mile course has just one major climb in the first mile and a half and then spends the majority of the remaining two and a half miles cruising downhill.

Our first course tackled half the western half of Grotpeter Trail. On our third course, you’ll experience the eastern side. Starting at 6:15 pm from the usual race headquarters at the first pavilion, racers will cross the Kiefer Creek Road bridge and then drop back down to the northern side of the road, make a quick right turn and head up Grotpeter. By three-quarters of a mile into the race, we’ll be at the start of a a nearly mile-long climb. RACE DIRECTOR’S NOTE: This section of the trail will widen out considerably as you head up hill. Slower runners, please stay to the right and allow faster runners to pass. By the time you reach the four-way intersection of the Roller Coaster, and the Fern Glen Connector, you’ll be three-quarters of your way done with the climb. Stay straight on Grotpeter and you’ll be treated to a flat, slowly descending trail that will bring you to our GU Energy aid station at the intersection of Grotpeter and Ries Rd.

Instead of crossing Ries, you’ll do almost a complete about face and stay to the right to descend the Mountain Ridge Connector. We tackled this stretch of trail in week one. Now, with two races in the last two weeks under your belt, do you think you can improve your time here? We’ll see! Always beware the way Mountain Ridge tricks you into thinking you’re almost done as you head downhill. You’ll even see the Kiefer Creek Rd. below you, when suddenly the trail turns left and heads further away from your destination.

When you do finally reach the valley after more than a mile of overall descent, you’ll cross Kiefer Creek Road and pass the Park Office. You’ll join Grotpeter again and head westbound towards the only creek crossing (even though it’s pretty dry this year) where you’ll join up with Lone Wolf and stay on the southern side of Kiefer Creek back to the finish line.

This week, Alpine Shop is pleased to welcome our Hoka One One representative, Theresa Bergman, who will be bringing Challenger ATR3 demo models with her for you to try out if you like.

Course 3 map is below. Remember, all participants pick up a new bib each week now.

Map of Castlewood State Park

Course 3 announced for the 2017 FITS Sock Co Trail Run Series. It is an approximately 4.1 mile course. (Map courtesy of Gateway Off-Road Cyclists ©2017)


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