2017 FITS Socks Trail Run Series Officially Rescheduled to August

Thank you for being patient with all of us at Alpine Shop as we help Castlewood State Park deal with the disastrous situation left behind by the floods. While the park staff are doing everything possible to give us a chance at running the 2017 FITS Socks Trail Run Series during the month of May, the simple truth is even if we manage to put on an event over the next two weeks, we know it won’t match our expectations.

So, here is how we are moving forward:


We have received permits from Castlewood to move the entire Trail Run Series from May to August. The first race will be on Thursday, August 3 and the full series will continue over the next three Thursdays through Thurs., Aug. 24. All previously announced races for the series besides the August dates are now cancelled.


If you would like to maintain your existing series registration and run with us in August, you don’t have to do a thing. You’re registration will remain in place without change. You have until June 9, 2017 to change your mind. (See below.)


If you cannot, or just no longer want, to run during the August reschedule, you will receive a complete refund with no questions asked. Please contact Teri Rudelic at 314-775-2149 or by email at trudelic@alpineshop.com to complete the process. If you have already picked up your packet with your t-shirt and socks and want a refund, there is one more step in the process that Teri will go over with you.

We respectfully ask that you contact us with your request for a refund before June 9, 2017, so that we may re-open registrations for the series at that time.


If Castlewood does become open to us during the last two weeks of May (that’s a big “if”) – AND if we determine we can put on a worthy event (another big “if”) – we will run complimentary races on the available Thursdays for everyone who registered for a race during the May series, whether you’ve asked for a refund or not.

Full disclosure: These complimentary runs will not be full production events. We will not use bibs or the timing system. Instead, we’ll have everyone check-in and get a bracelet to wear during the event so we know you were originally registered to run. We will mark the course, but we will not have a full offering of food. Mainly, we’ll provide water and beer at race headquarters (wherever that may be).

If we are able to put on even one of these events in May, we will notify you through email as soon as we know.


Hopefully, you can join us in August, but we completely understand if you can’t.

Our goal is to keep everyone happily competing in our events for as long as we can keep putting them on for you. Please contact us with any questions you have or any suggestions for us as we move forward.

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