Introducing the 2014 Spring Trail Run Series

Spring Trail Run Series

Turn Even More Typical Thursday Nights into an Adventure – 2014 Spring Trail Run Series!

Off-Road Racing League is pleased to introduce a new Spring Trail Run Series at Castlewood State Park, running each Thursday night from May 1 through May 22. This series is dedicated to both beginners and experienced runners looking for something just a bit out of the ordinary.

Starting at 6 pm in the evening, we’ll follow different routes and distances each week that we’ll average from about a 5k distance to around 4 miles. We’ll throw a few wrinkles your way on the course just for the adventure of it, as well, like creek crossings and stair climbs. Kids are welcome, too.

You’ll be treated to a post-race party with food and drink and have a shot at winning plenty of prizes and give-aways every single week.

There is a limit of only 250 runners each race to protect the trails at the park. Spots will fill up quickly. Register today!

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Distances start at about a 5k and gradually increase. We’re out to have fun, NOT to make you toss your cookies.


It wouldn’t be an adventure if it wasn’t challenging. Push yourself on some gorgeous trails.

Post-Race Parties!POST-RACE PARTY!

Congratulations! You survived and thrived! Celebrate with the drink of your choice, some food and the company of friends.

Free Prizes, too!FREE PRIZES, TOO

Hey, we like free stuff, too. Depending on the week, we’ll have anything from socks, shoes, shorts or shirts to give away.

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What kind of shape do I need to be in to participate?

Alpine Shop-Big River Running SeriesWe’ve set out to make this series accessible to all ages and abilities. While each course will pose challenges, we encourage participants to help each other achieve their fitness goals throughout the month. There’s no cut-off time for anyone to worry about.

Like we’ve said, this series is about turning a typical Thursday night in August into an adventure. We want you to have fun, challenge yourself and hopefully invite a few friends along.

Alpine Shop Trail Run Series 2014Do I need special equipment to participate?

You mean besides your two feet?

We have equipment that we recommend trail runners use in general, but in no way do we require it. If you’re interested in some of those things, including trail running shoes (which are , clothing and socks, come visit one of Alpine Shop locations.

The Venue: Castlewood State Park

Castlewood State ParkOne of the jewels of Missouri’s State Park System, Castlewood State Park will host the 2014 rail Run Series for the third straight year. Featuring some of the most diverse trails in the St. Louis area, you’ll get to experience four different sets of trails over the course of the series and explore obstacles like a creek crossing and possibly even the infamous staircase.

Parking is available in paved lots throughout the park. Please only park in designated parking areas and not in any grass areas.

Directions: Heading west on Big Bend or Manchester Road past Highway 141, make a left on Ries Rd. Follow Ries until it ends at Kiefer Creek Road and make a left. The park entrance will be directly in front of you.

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